The Cliffs

“Come on,” the Kat sitting across from me said finally. She seemed to realize I wasn’t going to say anything more. “I have something I want to show you before I take you home. We gotta go now though or we’ll miss it.” Numbly, as if I had been drained of all my insides, I got up from the table and followed her.

“Close your eyes,” she commanded once we got close to our destination. I could feel her going offroad and wondered where the hell she was taking me. I could hear Moose playing around in the backseat before the car stopped. “Keep your eyes closed.” Kat said and I did.

She opened my door, took my hand and led me out over what must have been grass. “Ok, open,” she allowed me and I gasped. We were standing on a cliff facing the last little bit of the sunset. The sky was a canvas of purple and red as the sun nearly disappeared below the horizon and met the valley before us.

As I looked out at the beautiful scene, knowing the only thing as beautiful as this was Kat… I saw a hawk gliding through the sky.

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