Who Knows?

Kat drove us back to her car, told me “Chin up, someday you’ll live again,” and left. Now I sit in our kitchen while Moose eats his dinner and I stare at the only picture of her I never locked away.

I don’t know if Heaven exists because I don’t know if God exists because surely, if there was a God, he or she would have never taken Kat from me… But Kat did leave me, like a bird flies out of its cage, she moved on maybe to bigger and better things.

I’m staring at the picture in my hands and for once I don’t feel so much pain. She sits there on one of her many hiking trips through the mountains and I can see the sunset behind her. Her red hair blends in with the sky as the breeze blows it out behind her and a few strands eclipse her face. She smiles up at me and I see a hawk sailing in the sky behind her. I don’t know anything about God or Heaven… but for the first time in a long time I smile.

You got your wish Kat. You got your wings.

I put the picture on the fridge. I smile, kneel down and pet Moose.

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