A Desperate Thought

Day 148 since nuclear fallout. Diary entry number 102. Time 9:32 AM. Temperature 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

I couldn’t sleep this morning. I kept having this dream about…about a little girl, all alone. She was crying over something. Over someone. I can’t remember what she looked like.

But I do remember the fear I could feel.

It was only when I woke this morning did I truly realize where I was. This age wasn’t meant to happen. God didn’t plan for us to destroy ourselves to nothing. He wanted us to live on, the way he intended. Not the way we feared. This wasteland was not brought about from fists, or even bullets. It was brought from sheer power.

We all want to be best. We all want to be on top. I guess some people take it too far. War will always be real. Denying that fact is insanity. We will always fight.

Because war never ends, it only stops.

We controlled our destiny. And we decided to bring it to hell.

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