The Magic Pocket (ficlychallenge)

“Did you check your pocket?”

“Oh, don’t insult me! Don’t you think I would know if my keys were in my own pocket!”

“Not that pocket, the Magic Pocket.”


“The Magic Pocket. It’s where everything goes when you lose it and can’t find it.”

“Where is it?”

“Well, it’s a pocket.”

“But where?”

“Umm, in the pocket?”

“I understand it’s a pocket, but where is it?!”

“It’s a Magic Pocket, what else do you need to know?”


“Oh there it is, behind you!”

“I don’t see anything.”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous.” Kyoshi walked over, reached up over his head, grabbed something unseen and pulled it to the side. A black line appeared in thin air and Kyoshi reached into the darkness. He pulled out a pair of old glasses, a left shoe, twelve puzzle pieces, a spoon and 70 socks before he gave up.

“Wow. I guess they’re not here…” Kyoshi said in amazement. “Some Magic Pocket,” he grunted.

“Oh look, here they are!”

“Where were they?”

“Under the couch cushions…”


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