Gladiator's End

I never thought it would end like this. In a back alley in this noisy city. Horns and sirens taking the place of screaming and clapping spectators. We can’t all be the master of our fates. It’s probably my fault for leading them into this alley. For coming back at all. This wasn’t my city any more. Its theaters and sports arenas had their fill of me. Yet I came back. Probably wasn’t the smartest idea.

I’m bleeding from many wounds. We have been fighting for seemingly hours. My vision is obscured by the helmet, and the blood. I pull off the metal helmet, wiping away the blood in one motion. At least for now there’s none in my eyes. I put down my shield, it never weighed this much in the past. I don’t notice the gaping cut on my arm as the shield clatters next to me.

Now it’s just me and the spear I have used in hundreds of battles. No more running. I may as well go down as I lived. Teach them there’s still fight in these old bones.

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