Celeb-reality (profile an author)

“Oh my god, it’s them!” a girl screamed as she saw them approaching. Might Joe Young and Eloquent Mess worked the carpet in front of them, reaching out to the people to give autographs and such. One fan burst into tears when Joe winked at her.

From the shadows Jenunique watched them, waiting for the right moment to strike. These guys were hot stuff. Almost every word they wrote was read by crazed fans at least a hundred times, but the feds knew things about these guys that their fans wouldn’t believe. Of course it was obvious to Jen that they were prepared to go to great lengths to keep the spotlight on them, but the carnage left behind was much for even her to behold.

At last, she found a weak spot in their guard and pushed through the crowd, past the distracted body builders on either side of them and slung a metal cuff around one of Eloquent Mess’ wrists.

Joe Young tried to flee, but Jen’s backup-Lara Lustre caught him. “You two are under arrest for the murder of Sophia D’Soleil. Ooo, shiny handcuffs!”

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