An indifferent man

I must write this down before I forget it all because this is a very important personal insight. And If I do not note it here and now, I risk losing it in the swamp of memory where my life will remain stagnant as the filthy water.

Here it is: all of my recent problems directly relate to not being able to be honest with myself and others. All those times I told myself I didn’t care, I did. All the thoughts and secrets from others that I told myself should not affect me, they did.

And the result? The world treated me like an indifferent man when I was really one who sequestered the small voice.

Yes, myself, I actually am depressed about that, no matter how much you say I shouldn’t care.

No, friend, I’m sorry, but your words are leading me to a conclusion that’s just not right.

When I’m really honest with myself, sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of the ugly raw feelings while I pass through the corridors of my mind. That is me. I need to stop, instead of keep walking.

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