No Escaping the Fuzz

“NO!” shouted Mess, “I have awards to win! You can’t do this!”

“I believe The Law takes precedence over some Ficly Awards show. Besides, you two are hacks! You’ve hit it big a couple times, but overall your stories are rubbish! The fans only like you for your dashing good looks.” Jenunique smirked. “And even those will fade, quicker than you’d imagine…”

“Lies!” cried Joe. “We’re great authors! I smell a Pulitzer just through that door, with my name on it!”

“You moron,” said Jenunique as she and Lustre shoved Joe and Mess in the back of the cruiser. “The Pulitzer is awarded for excellence in journalism. You write fiction. Though from recent events, I question if it’s fiction at all.”

“We’ve found bodies,” Lustre explained. “All of them died in ways described in your ficlets.”

Mess and Joe glanced nervously at each other. “We want our lawyer.” they said in unison.

“The war cry of the guilty conscience,” scoffed Jenunique. “They’re waiting for you at the station.”

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