No Greater Cause

“You can’t just go riding off to a war which you will most certainly loose.”

The female warrior looked her father in the eye. “Will you provide an army to aid us?” she asked, turning and walking slowly toward the balcony’s edge. “Will you muster your legions and send them to battle under the greatest Knights?”

“No,” he didn’t hesitate. “I will not.”

“Then I certainly shall.” The your woman turned and strode into the room and opened the cabinet that was full of weaponry, selecting pieces and placing them on her person.

“But you’ll be killed!” someone, not her father did not hesitate to point out.

“Then so be it! And if I die this day then all will know it was for no lesser a cause than that of freedom. And there is no greater cause than that.”

“What of the cause of faith?” a new voice questioned.

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