Interview with Marco (ElshaMightyMess #5)

The day April drove up to the condo on Blue Sparrow Way was sunny and glorious. She sang loudly with her favorite CD, more to distract her queasy stomach than for enjoyment.

She knocked on the door, and it promptly opened revealing a tall, dark haired young man with a sexy one day old scruff that added an air of ‘bad boy suave’ to his relaxed and open armed stance. “You Miss Fullilove?”

“Yes, you must be Marco.”
“Come in. Damn, Jess said you were a looker, but shit, you’re smokin’!” his eyes roved over her every curve, even those hidden by her business suit. He took a seat on the littered couch and brushed off a cushion for her.
“So, this job, what do you want?”
“Straight to the point, I like that babe. Basically we got a site, girls like you and Jess get on camera and you give the gents a show.” He smiles, noticing her unease. “Alright, babe. Now, I need to know you’re worth the time. I need a private show, right here. Don’t worry, Marco pays up front.” He held out a wad of bills.
It was too tempting.

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