Bryce Wine's Last Battle

Bryce Wine looked dejectedly at the car. Its sleek blackness had always thrilled him, but now it saddened him to know he was looking at it for the last time.

“Are you really going to sell it?” Robyn asked.

“I have to,” Bryce shrugged. “It’s the only asset I have left. And anyway, the Ratmobile broke its wheel.”

“How are you going to fight crime now?”

“I don’t know -.” He stopped and looked at her. “Don’t you mean ‘we’?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s the thing.” Robyn shrugged. “Candice Cain offered me a job with her.”

“Women’s empowerment movement?”

“Helps her Affirmative Action quotas.”

“I miss the good days.” Bryce said quietly. “Those were days to marvel.”

“Can’t believe Arnold’s been misleading all these years,” Robyn sighed.

“After promising he knew what a penny was worth,” Bryce said, then mocked Arnold: “AIG is too big to fail. It’s like it has superhero powers.”

“Now, even when you know the villains’ names, you can’t fight them,” Robyn said.

“Yeah, they’ll sue for being mishandled. And they’ll win.”

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