Janet's Pain

He’s looking at her again. Tammy something. That girl from his school. They’ve barely known each other for years. This is like the second time I’ve seen her. She’s this fragile thing with flowy blond hair and big blue eyes and she looks at him like she’s innocent.

But she’s not. And she’s not interested in Dustin. She lives on guys’ attentions. Apparently her boyfriend is in some student exchange thing so she’s using my guy to feel better about herself. It’s been three days, you slut. Hands off!

If wishes were magic, her boyfriend would pop in and they’d go off together. Of course, if I had any real wish power, Dustin would’ve forgotten all about her by now.

It’s obvious that he hasn’t. I can’t even go talk to him now, because he wouldn’t know I was there. I’m sure he didn’t even watch me win the race. That’s how I finally got his attention a few months ago, beating him on the track. Now he doesn’t even care.

And it cuts deep inside me to know that I’m not his first choice.

But he’s still mine.

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