Seating Arrangements

The house smelled delicious. Not of food, or even incense.
It smelled of Julia.
Nicole couldn’t help but wonder if this is what it was like to be drunk.
“C’mon, I’ll put on some music.”
Julia it a couple of buttons on an impressive remote and the sound of distorted guitar began to seep through the walls. Nicole tried to look around casually for speakers.
“No, the guy who made this place was all techie and put the sound system in the walls. Don’t ask how much it costs to fix.”
Julia dropped herself onto the plush sofa and lit another cigarette. Nicole moved to join her, practically wobbling on weak knees, but Julia stopped her short.
“No, not yet,”she said, and placed a hand on Nicole’s shoulder, pushing her down to sit on the floor. Julia placed her right foot on Nicole’s nylon-wrapped thigh.
“There’s a price to be here, girliegirl. You have to tell me a secret. A good one.” Julia’s toenails barely scraped along the strands.
But the weight of her foot was enough to make the younger girl feel pinned

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