Can Not Concentrate

I glance at the clock after finally finishing my math homework. The clock stated blankly 5:58 pm. I sighed and calculated that it had taken me an hour and fifteen minutes longer than normal to do my math. I put my math away and pulled out my English. I didn’t have much to do and I promised myself I’d get it done quickly. No dallying I thought.

I reached over to my bag and grabbed my ipod out of it. I slipped the ear buds in my ears and turned on my music. It helped to take my mind off of Nathaniel.

I finished my English quickly, but not as fast as I wanted to. I let out a frustrated sigh and packed up my stuff. I brought my bag downstairs for the next morning and looked around. I figured my mother would be home by now, seeing as it was now four hours after she should have been home.

“Mother?” I called out once in the kitchen. I got no answer. I pulled my cell out of my pocket and dialed her number. It rang six times before clicking to her voicemail.

Now was when I really started to worry.

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