Ecstatic [ficly challenge]

I roll my eyes and sigh as I sit next to Ecstatic at breakfast in the cafeteria. He rambles on optimistically about the coming day as I pick at my food and wonder who I could possibly flick it at without being noticed.

“Alright, Ecstatic, give it a rest.” I beg.

“You’re cheerful this morning, Mischeivous.”

“Hey, I’ll leave cheerfulness to Cheerful.”

“Come on, smile, you’re so pretty when you smile.”

“God, what do you do when you’re not trying to infect people with your incessant happiness?”

“Wanna find out?” Ecstatic puts his hand on my thigh and I raise the famed eyebrow and give him the smile.

“So you’ve found my weakness.”

“Well, there’s only one more thing I’d want to do when I’m this ecstatic, Mischievous.”

“And I daresay that doing that with the one and only Ecstatic would involve a fair amount of,” I lean in to murmur in his ear, “mischeif.” I feel him shiver next to me and I know I’ve gotten to him.

Later, I feel infected with his happiness knowing that he’s covered in my mischief.

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