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Your Eyes Only
Excerpts of Minutes of the 7th meeting of the Governing Council
1630 Hrs 12-15-33 LE Ships day 8175
Attending: Bishop MJ.Young presiding
Capt. Hobson, Mr.Wallace, Ms. Jung, Mr. Tanaka, Pastors DuPont and Kenya
Absent: Mr. Goldberg, Ms.Gilchrist

New Business: Report of 85% voluntary compliance with first list. Of the 38 individuals that failed to report as scheduled, 33 have been apprehended and recycled. 5 remain at large.

A second list will be published on 12-17-33 LE with the names of 250 selectees.
A third list of 100 will be published on 12-24-33 LE with a compliance date of 12-30-33 LE. It’s expected that as of 01-01-34 LE we will have reached the sustainable population level of 400.

Captain Hobson has submitted his resignation and requested that he be allowed to accompany his family to recycling in the second list. He has cited his age, and other considerations as factors in his decision. His resignation is on hold pending the selection of a new captain by the governing council.


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