I Know You're Listening [invisible challenge]

Insa Nihtee sat in his room and picked at his toenails. “I know you’re listening,” he said out loud even though anyone passing by could have told him there was no one there.

“Too bad no one would believe you.”

“SHUT UP!” Insa shouted angrily. Frustrated tears rolled down his face. They were right. No one had believed him. Even though they were listening.

“No,” the voice taunted him. “You know, it’s a shame that the Krikorians chose you for me to listen to. You’re so boring.”

“Leave me alone!”

“Of course, every Krikorian is assigned a human to monitor. Statistically, I was bound to get saddled with a boring one.”

“Please, go away!”

“Oh stop it, you know I won’t go away.”

“It’s just in my head, you’re not real!” he chanted to himself.

“Just because you can’t see me or touch me doesn’t mean I’m not real. You, of all people, should know that.” Insa Nihtee sobbed into his arms helplessly.

Someone opened the door and stepped into the padded cell. “Medicine time! We’ll make those voices go away, Richard.”

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