A Spark to the Flame (ElshaMightyMess #8)

April pulled on her clothes. She had seen herself on tape. She couldn’t believe how sexy she was. It didn’t even matter who the strange guy was anymore, only the knowledge that she was hot. It was empowering. She felt like she could do anything!

“Hey, Babe, you were amazing! Another show like that.. You’re an angel!” Marco stood too close and reached out a caressing hand to April’s cheek. He pulled her chin up. “I mean it. You’re an angel,” he breathed. She smiled, but not at him, at the truth in his words. He kissed her.

He’d paid her the same amount, then went into the back room. As she exited the condo, she passed his office with the glowing computer screen. She thought maybe she would get a peek at herself once more, for the road. Curious, she tip-toed in. On the screen was an email:

Marco, More of the angel! You’re doubling your profits!

She gasped. Her contract said she got a full quarter of the profits, but her pay had been the same. That lousy, cheap, bastard! Angrily, she left.

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