Teamup, pt. 3

Levi and Makoto ran the last fifty yards to the castle, surrounded by the walking dead every step of the way. The ninja and pirate ran in and threw their backs against the door, forcing it closed and securing it. After clearing the courtyard of ghouls, the two collapsed with exhaustion, eying each other warily across several meters of ground.

Their heads turned in the direction of the guardroom as the door opened and two figures came out: a pirate dandy in fine silks and an enormous hat, who was half-carrying an unconscious, scruffy ninja with his arm over the pirate’s shoulder. The ninja had a bandage around one leg. Blood had seeped through the bandage and stained the ninja’s trouser leg, but the bleeding had since stopped.

“Glad to see we’re not the only ones who made it,” said the pirate, extending a hand. Levi looked at it in surprise, since bloody teeth marks ringed the other pirate’s thumb.

The pirate smiled feverishly. “Blighters bite hard,” he said, with a glance at the ninja’s leg.

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