name your price

Boah pushed past the tall man. “Ship’s full.”

He placed a strong hand on Boah’s shoulder and squeezed. “Name your price.”

Boah turned and put a hand on his hip, making sure the man could see the belaying pin he wore in his belt. “Captain won’t take any more passengers. Come back in six weeks.”

The man’s eyes narrowed. “No. Name your price.”

Boah considered him. He was clean and well-dressed. He wore a ruby ring on his right index finger.

“I’ll take that ring.”

The man looked down at his hand, and regarded it. “This is family jewelry…”

“Take it or leave it.”

The man sighed and put his hands tightly together, as if praying. When they parted, he held the ring in his left palm. Boah snatched it and dropped it into his pocket.

“Follow me.”

At the waiting area, he told a guard, “Get rid of someone, and put him on the list in his place.”

He turned to the man. “See you on board.”

The tall man nodded solemnly as Boah walked away. Soon, he would have his ring back, and that was just the beginning.

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