Becoming Sophia (3)

When my father first fell ill, I took it upon myself to hire a stay in nurse. Help was hard to find however, even for a family as well off as mine, and I eventually settled for a nurse with three daughters who would have to come along. I didn’t like the idea of a whole other family living in my house, a family that would outnumber my father and I, but I didn’t have much choice. I sent for her immediately.

My father protested to needing a nurse, claiming that his “silly chest cold” would go away in time, but he didn’t fool me. I had seen his kercheifs spotted with blood. He was being held in the Red Death’s arms and I did not want to lose him. I allowed him the comfort of getting up and dressing, getting to the library to enjoy our Wednesday readings and going out for Sunday picnics, but he needed medicine and I was adamant that he get his rest.

He looked quite fine when the nurse arrived and though it pains me to say it, I saw his eyes light up when he first laid eyes on her. Yes they loved, he and Adelind.

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