Becoming Sophia (6)

As time passed, I watched Adelind and my father fall in love. It was slightly disconcerting as I was not really sure how to deal with such a scandalous development, but I was happy because my father was happy. Adelind and her daughters joined our Sunday picnics and I felt like I was surrounded by a real family. Mine and my father’s Wednesday readings in the library dwindled down to never as he spent more and more of his time with Adelind, walking through the gardens or playing chess in the 3rd floor back parlor, but again—he was happy, so I was as well.

In the spring of 1632, my father proposed to Adelind. Three months later, they were married. The wedding was grand and over 200 guests attended to enjoy a night of the finest champagne and the sweetest music. I danced off my feet, happy in the arms of at least a dozen stunning young men. Even the famed Prince Charmant, who I must say was very light on his feet for a “straight” man.

If only the happiness could have lasted.

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