Becoming Sophia (10)

Margarete eventually did end up marrying one of the lesser French socialites, Jaques Henri Maudit IV, who ended up gambling away a good portion of his family’s money. When they lost their house, both of them came back to live in the Lennon estate and plans began for Cristyne and Elsebeth’s marriage. No one ever commented on my possible marriage and I should have taken it as a sign.

Cristyne was turning 16, Elsebeth-15 and I was turning 12 when it began. The 18 year old Margarete, bitter and annoyed by her idiotic husband and overbearing mother decided she needed a new hobby. Lucky for her, one presented itself rather quickly…me.

“Marina!” she called me. After awhile I did hear her screams and went to attend to her, worried by the tone in her voice.

“What’s wrong?!” I cried. bursting into her room. She sat in her ivory taffeta, lounging on the chaise comfortably, and looked at me like she hadn’t expected me to come in.

“Will you brush my hair?”

It seemed innocent enough. “Surely.” At least it seemed so.

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