It really is an awful name.

“Fool!” Shrilled Cybronox, shaking his raised fist. “Charging so recklessly into my lair has only sealed your fate! Behold my latest invention: Slaughterbot Mark Two!”

A pause. Bloodnaut’s twitching lips and barely muffled snort betrayed his efforts to keep up a serious front. Well aware of the hero’s internal struggle, Cybronox narrowed his eyes and spoke with a dangerous edge in voice. “Don’t you dare say it, Bloodnaut. Don’t even think about it.”

“…Electric Boogaloo?”

“For the love of- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Screamed the villain.

Bloodnaut burst into a fit of laughter, no longer able to keep it check. “Come on! Did you really think anyone would take that name seriously? It’s awful!”

“Oh my god. You are the most immature person I’ve ever met! It’s like working with an eight-year-old.”

“Fine, fine, let’s just get on with it. Jerk.”

“Very well! Now prepare to meet your doom, Bloonau-”

…You wanna chew up on my bubblegum.

“Hold up, that’s my agent calling.”

“Whatever! I’m going home.”

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