And We Would Not Ask Permission

Her father needed a moment to take all of this in. When he did open his mouth to speak, Simeon cut him off.

“Death in battle, for this man, to these people, seems the best conceivable way to die, short of Arthur’s death – when it comes – which will be for the ideals themselves. It you cannot make yourself believe in them, at least believe in the man who does.”

Turning to look at the knights she could see the truth of what Simeon spoke. The men’s eyes shone with love for Arthur. It was a shine that although he put it there with his words, Simeon’s eyes did not have.

Arthur turned around this time, and faced his men. “I would not have you die with me this day!”

The response was resolute stillness from the knights.

“And we would not ask permission.”

Arthur turned back… Simeon had removed his traveler’s cloak -his last safeguard in case of a change of mind – and he stood in armor, fully armed. She could not help but smile. Perhaps now Arthur could have won this battle all on his own.

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