Cheers and Down We Go

All hail Britannia! Marmalade and…” The boisterous cheering of her fellow airmen roused Molly from her lolling at the window. The sea was so beautiful beneath the scant clouds as they flew along. Spirits were high. Life seemed so grand, so immense, so full of purpose.

The cheering continued despite the copilot yelling back from the cockpit to knock it off, officer or no officer, “…three firecrackers up your bum go bam, bam…


A heavy shudder rolled through the DC-9 knocking most of the rollicking servicemen off their feet. Molly distinctly remembered seeing someone’s cover go flipping through the air, seemingly suspended in time, peacefully floating down the aisle, a blue envelope with no recipient, while the rest of the world descended to chaos.

Disorganized shouts boomed back and forth up the length of the angel flight. Metallic groans answered back with foreboding news. Something smelled like burning.

Below them the great, green sea was reaching up to smash and swallow them.

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