Too many pictures!!

The picture taking went on practically forever, Will was most likely just as annoyed as I was but he didn’t show it. I was so excited to finally be at the dance. He was such a gentlman helping me out of the car :) My dad said something about being careful.
“Mhm… Bye daddy!” I said waving to him.
Hand in hand, Will and I made our way over to our friends standing in line waiting to show our tickets. Then I was nearly blinded by the flashing of camera.
“Ah! What the?” I said blinking.
“Dangit Darrell!” Will exclaimed.
“Ha! I finally got one, little miss camera shy!” Will’s brother, Darrell, said laughing.
“Delete it now!” I said angrily trying to grab the camera, Darrell simply held it out of my reach, being 5’0" has many disadvantages.
“Alright calm down, it’s only one picture.” Will said putting his arm around me and kissing my forehead. Darrell snapped another picture.
“Perfect!” He said dodging Wills fist and taking off.
“I’ll delete it tonight,” he said shaking his head and leading us to the line.

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