Something From This Century

g2 shrugged and perched before the piano. “Any requests?”she cried.
“Something with some zip,” Alro called from the wheel. “Its a chase scene, remember?”
The Irish Pianist shrugged and pounced on the keys with “Flight of the Bumblebee.”
“Erm, g2?” THX called tentatively. “I think something from this century would be appreciated.”
“Well you never specified,” she quipped back.
“why doncha improvise?” Stovohobo suggested, rather sarcastically.
“For you Stovo, I think I will,” came the impish reply. Then, to everyone’s amazement, including g2’s, she did a fine chase-scene worthy rendition of “I Love Paris.”
“Why don’t we think of it as ‘I love ficly’ so as t’make it relevant?” Lone Writer suggested.
“Lets go with that,” Capt.Jason replied, flattening his hat against his head. “Hang on everyone!”

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