Out There

“What do you mean that’s all I can see?”, Margaret demanded.
“That’s it. Well, not entirely, but yes, that is all you can see.”, replied Dave.
“But how? It’s space. How big could it be?”
“Very big my dear.”
“It doesn’t make any sense to me. I look up, I see stars. That’s it, right?”
“Wrong. It is only what we can see. Light can only travel so far before it diminishes to the point where we can no longer distinguish it.”
“But what if I wanted to see what else was out there?”
“Well Margie, you would need to travel as far as our eyes can take us, and then look beyond that.”
“How far is that?”
“Light years away.”
“How long is a light year?”
“You would see death before you saw the end of a light year.”
“What about other planets? Do they exist out there? Ooh! What about other people?”
“Planets? Yes. Other people? Not sure.”
“Could I go out there in a spaceship?”
“Would I need to go light speed?”

Silence falls between the two.

“Any more questions?”
“Tell me about Earth Grandpa.”

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