My Random Thoughts on the Quote

Wait, the sky changes sizes?!?! The phisisists will be angered! Oh, wait, leyt ,e try that again The scientists will be shocked! That’s better. Does it reoll over too?
Did ixs that why tjhe sky fell, because of movement? Or maybe the sky wanted to voisit. Is it wanted, for dead and alive? I need a haircut. What is it lilke for lice when soneone gets a haircut? Is it like a forest fore? A hurric ane? Please disregard the typos.
Umm… I’m running out of things to say…
Oh! Wru nny noses rae 9(dis regard the rae) are like watwer falls.
Clogged nodse arer like dams.
I tried to get dams right.
This is kinda cool. I wan5t to enter again/.
See ytou next time!
PS: I just wanted to do a PS to umse more cghararcters.
PPSS: Thgis is fun.
PPPSSS: Okay, now this is 3enough.

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