Becoming Sophia (23)

“What do you think you’re doing?” Margarete screeched when I reached for a porcelain doll that my father had given me.

“I am taking my things,” I said plainly.

“What things? Everything in this room is mine now.” Margarete walked over and unceremoniously yanked the doll from my hands. “You’re just a servant. You don’t need find things like this.”

“But it’s mine!” I wailed, already struggling to get it back, but my petite French build was no match for her long German legs. Margarete held the doll just out of my reach and I knew that I would not get it back from her.

“This is mine now, along with all of your old clothes and all of your old finery. I can’t have my serving girl as well off as me, now can I?” She said in a sickly sweet tone.

“But you don’t even play with dolls!” I whined helplessly.

“Marina” her tone changed to a harsh command. “Get out. I don’t need your help anymore. And if I ever see you touching anything in this room I will crush this little doll’s face into a thousand pieces. Dismissed.”

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