Who Can tell?

“The sky is large on large days and small on small days.”


“Let me explain: my perception of reality makes the sky bigger on big days, and smaller on small days. It’s like green, it gets darker on green days and pinker on anti-green days.”

“Are… you feeling okay?”

“I think I am. I mean, who am I to judge? I think what I think, but it’s not always what somebody else thinks, so in my mind I’m right but in the other person’s mind I’m wrong.”


“Is that a shoelace in your hair? Or is that just my new contacts. They do strange things like that. I saw a bunny in a chandelier last time. The bunny seemed quite fuzzy, like peaches. Do you have any peaches?”

“I… don’t…”

“I quite like peaches. And quarters, too; something about the roundy-ness just gets me. Ooh! How about some pickles? Would you like them with the zebra stripes? Otherwise they’ll go to waste, just try one, please?”


“I’m not being too crazy for you, am I?”

“A bit late to ask, isn’t it?”

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