Feeling the Big and Little Sky

Teh sky is large on large days and small on small days. hm. when I feel large and in charge, things are goign right. but being big means you are generous as in “that’s big of you!” I guess large is a good thing here, a happy thing.

so small is when you feel like everything is stompign on you and you want to hide. Those days when stayign in bed is the only desire of your heart. I’ve worked two jobs where I felt I didn’t want to go back, and I did, and things took time to get better, but usually I left. It isn;t worth it to stay at a job where you are getting dumped on. The more unhappy you are, the more the others find reasons to make you more unhappy. it hardly ever ends up that you can redeem yourself. not like the movies. cut your losses, find something else.

man it is hard to resist editing this, I know you guys are gonna go all “you misspelled such and such” and ‘That wasn’t an apostrophe, what is wrong with you?" but the requirements say not to edit. resist.. the…. urge…

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