Fidelity (or lack thereof)

Irritation rose in my chest, “I do have a name you know.”
He gave me a look, “Yeah, do I care?”
Then we were silent.
“You do realize you’re the reason I had to marry your mother, correct?”
This is what I didn’t understand, here he had a beautiful woman, yet he felt he shouldn’t have married her.
Sometimes men are waaay too confusing for my fifteen year old mind.
I finished up my bowl of cereal and tossed it in the sink. Right as I was about to walk out the door with my bag I said, “My name’s Charlotte, just as a reminder,” before slamming the door shut.

My dad had no job. He was a stay-at-home father. My mother did all the work as a nurse, so she wasn’t home as much as I wanted her to be.
So it took me by surprise when I saw an odd car in the driveway. Did my father want to buy something? Was someone installing something? I didn’t know of any appointments on the calendar, so what was the deal?

I got my answer as soon as I walked in the door.
I saw my father on the couch making out with another woman.

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