red glow

Boah slept uneasily that night in his cot as the waters rocked the Inscrutable to and fro like a baby in it’s cradle. He dreamed that he saw a glint of red light dart out the pocket of his pants hanging at the end of the cot.

He opened his eyes. Faint moonlight wafted into the room through some unseen crack, and it appeared that everything was made of one solid piece of dark gray stone.

He sat up and reached his hand into the pocket. It was warm inside. There was a ring, and he took it in his fist and pulled it out. Red light leaked out between his fingers. He opened his hand in wonder and was nearly blinded by the crimson glow coming from the jewel set in the tiny ring.

He looked around him. No one stirred. All was still stone. I must still be dreaming, he thought as he stared into the warm glow in his palm.

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