Sara skipped down the hall, beaming. The time capsule opening was ten minutes away, she wasn’t very excited. She was eager to spot who waited for her. Soul mates, that’s what they were. Everyone watched sympatheticly, afraid, waiting for them to fall a little too hard. Sara held his hand, arriving after most of the events. Suddenly, as always, his presence was needed else where, he left her as she wrang her hands.
On snow-bitten grass, layed a small envelope, catching her eye. Now in her shivering hands, it was addressed “My Love”.
Finding a bench, she slid her gloves off, and opened the letter. The paper was old, fragile.
My Love.
When you recieve this letter, I’ll be dead. You will still live on, the curse I have thrown upon you was not meant to last. My life, worth nothing compared to your’s, will be disenegrated by this point in time.
I’ll burn for you.
Forever, always your’s,

Sara gasped, and dropped the note. It began to heat. Suddenly it combused on the ground, a shriek filling the crisp air.

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