It’s snowing today. It hasn’t snowed on a Wednesday for the past two or three weeks. Today, it is snowing, and snowing means powder.

Fresh powder. None of that crappy machine-made stuff. No, this is the real thing.

I don’t even need to wear my goggles today. Usually the tiny ice pellets thrown out of those gigantic graters blind me, but the snow today is soft. Even if I fell, it wouldn’t hurt. It’s like landing in a cloud.

Well, if you want to get technical about it, falling into a cloud would be no better than falling through air and you’d just end up get soaked, hurtling towards the ground at an enormous speed… But that’s getting technical, and I hate getting technical.

The sun’s already going down, and I have to get back to the buses at around eight. I probably only have a couple of hours left, but I can’t check the time right now. Moving around on a ski lift is dangerous and, considering I’m just a tiny bit afraid of heights, much too scary for me.

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