Psychiatric Case File #34LE0002

Subject: Louchard, Sebring M. III
Code: PS-IV
Admitting: A. Durecovic
Witnesses: C. Badpring, R. Arrobach
Date: 8199 (01-09-34)
Time: 0032 hrs

Desription: Mr. Louchard, engineer, age 29, reported for work at 2000 night prior. Said work involved doing a routine physical inspection of section 109-C (platinum grid assembly). Patient left for assignment at 2008. Patient found in mess hall at 2249, barricading himself in corner with cookware, brandishing tools. Reportedly, patient rambled on about ghosts and vengeance. Patient was in a state of extreme agitation arrested only by being set upon by five security personnel and injected with 50 milligrams chlordiazepoxide. Upon sedation, patient was taken into Room 5, Ward C, under observation. Causation unknown at present; leading theory attributes this behavior to some unexpected but perfectly normal stimulus (stimuli?) amplified in patient’s mind by emotional stress resulting from recent circumstances.

I, A. Durecovic, do hereby certify that the above is true.

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