Apple Of My Eye

The ripest apple, the highest branch.
The effort it would take. The time. The distance.

Déjà vu.

The distace. The distance.
I have encountered a problem.
How do I get to the apple.
I cannot climb. I cannot call for help.
I musn’t cut the tree down.
Too many people love this tree.
This tree is far too beautiful to harm.
I wish this tree would cooperate.
Why is the apple so high.
Why am I so short.
Why must the apple be so gorgeous.
Why do I want an apple.
I am in the mood for cereal.
Cereal is available to me.
Why do I reject cereal.
Cereal is not bad. Cereal is good.
But there is a problem with cereal.
I get sick of cereal.
Sometimes cereal hurts the roof of my mouth.
I am not really in the mood for cereal.
I crave this apple.
The apple in the tree of apples.
There are lots of apples.
There are apples available to me.
Why do I reject these apples.
These apple do not taste as sweet as my apple.
That is why I reject those apples.
I want my apple.
I cannot obtain my apple.
Apples. Apples. Apples.

.uv àjéD

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