birthday morning

The sky is large on large days and small on small days and [don’t edit] birthdays are good days unless they’re bad days
don’t hide
hideaway days are also small and perhaps lost days
lots of days
daze days
on the bright grey sea days [don’t edit]
last year no sea see but today all the sky’s in the sea which goes slow from a distance [don’t edit] so that thing you wrote and that thing I said – maybe they’re under there under the deep and the the massive and the slow sea
downstairs there is knocking
it’s not at the door
not the outside coming in
they’re knocking from the inside and I hope the house won’t fall down
and I hope my insides won’t fall down or out or under
because there is so much already under there
and I can’t tell whether the dark part comes from the cloud over it or the buried stuff under it because the sea is talking untranslated this morning
quiet birthday morning with the sea out there that never ever ever sends a card to let you know it thinks of anything at all let alone you

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