Slow Deaf Children Ahead (ficly challenge)

We’d been driving for hours, my family and I. And finally, we were almost home. But of course, there was another detour. So, we turn down this street, and low and behold, there it was.

Spread out past the sign was a field of infinite green pastures. And bounding, slowly, gracefully from hilltop to hilltop were hundreds … no … thousands of deaf children! They looked so happy, being with other deaf children.

I turned around to Sammy and Jennifer and began to sign.

There are plenty of places for you to sleep. And we can come visit any time. There are telephones on every light pole. Plus, you have your cell phones. Call us if you need anything.

They both nodded. Sammy, 10 and Jennifer, 12. They both seemed so small to me at that moment.

Call us if you get scared or just want to say hi! signed Carol. She was really torn up about all of this.

Remember, you can stay here until you turn 18. Then you have to come home or go to college.

They both laugh and opened their doors to get out.

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