Forever Forget

She stared out of the taxi window at the rain. She watched the rain run down the window leaving little trails then disappearing forever. She stared at her reflection in the window and watched the tears run down her face. The tears would never stop, never disappear. Her heart would never heal. She turned and looked out the back window and watched him get smaller and smaller as she drove farther and farther away. She watched him as she ran away. She watched him stand all alone in the rain watching her drive away. Away from everything she ever loved. Away from the city, the life, the job, and the boy. She continued to stare at him, until he disappeared. But he would never disappear, never. She loved him. The one you love never disappears. The taxi drove on leaving the city behind. She saw him everywhere. Every intersection, every gas station, everywhere. Why was he following her? She wanted to forget about him. Forget everything. Forget meeting him, forget loving him, forget his death, forever forget him.

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