They shut the doors on those who had entered and left everyone safely outside. It was a quarantine.
“Look this tearanny has to stop!” ALRO pounded his fist in frustration on the table.
“Pleeese,” whined Kwatz from a corner, completely beside himself.
“Whyle we dont knoe who did this, we hav to stop it, becuz it’s gettign worse!” Kev looked at Jason. “How is the trakign programme comming?”
“Almost got it.” His finger flew over the keys. “Ammatuers,” he scoffed.
Elsha’s eyes widened. “Say that agin?”
“I said, I think I’ve got it!”
“Got what?” asked Mighty-Joe.
Kwatz uncurled himself and walked to the center of the room. “Allow me to ruminate, to test the hypothesis with an experiment of my own concoction.” A smile spread across his face.

“I declare the doors flung open wide! Let all enter in!” Kev beamed and slapped Jason on the back.
“Ficly is back in business.” The club began to pulse with creative energy.

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