I Love My Friends

We walked into the school and went into the gym, where the dance was held. I looked around and saw my best friend Anne, talking to Jake (her date) Natalie, Tyler and Kayla. Anne saw us and pointed us out to the crowd around her. Natalie and and Tyler smiled and waved, while Kayla smiled and waved but I’m pretty sure that it was only towards Will because she added a flip of the hair. I’ll have to watch out for her.
We made our way over there.
“Hey! Oh my gosh Fay you look amazing!” Anne said hugging me.
“I wish my dad would’ve let me wear a dress” Tyler pouted.
“Do you really want people to have another reason to make fun of you?” Natalie said.
I couldn’t help but laugh, I loved my friends.
“Hey love!” I heard from behind me, I turned around to see my other friend, Jessica walking in.
“Glad you could make it!” I said hugging her.
Just then, I heard it, our song started playing. I turned around to meet Wills eyes.
“Shall we?” He said, taking my hand.

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