It takes a village

“Hi, have you seen any rechargeable triple-A batteries?” I shifted awkwardly, trying to balance my daughter in one hand and the large, heavy bag in the other.

The clerk dashed over to the rack where I’d just been standing. “Seems like we’re out,” she declared.

“Oh, darn,” I said, “Next time I guess.”

“Sorry. Oh my, she’s cute! How old is she?”

“Six months. She loves going out and seeing all the people.”

“What a good girl, helping dad with the shopping!” Cooed another clerk from the express lane check-out.

“Say bye-bye!” I waved the baby’s hand at the smiling employees. Then I fumbled, and nearly dropped both the baby and the bag.

“Would you like some help with that?” Asked the first clerk.

“If you’re not too busy,” I said, “I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

The young lady escorted me out the door, and loaded the bag into my trunk, then waved as she ran back into the store.

“See sweetie?” I told my daughter, “That’s how you get a free X-Box. Everybody trusts a smiling dad with a baby on his hip!”

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