What Does that mean?

The sky is large on large days and small on small days. Now what the heck does that mean. What is a large day? What is a small day? Are small days short ones? Cloudy ones without much sun? Does large mean that the world seems large on this sertian day? Me? I am lost and I do not get this quote… It seems like a cool quote but I am so lost. Then again… when am I not lost.. I like blue skies though. We haven’t had much of those this summer. I hope we do before I go back to school. I hate school. Anyway, when the sun is out and the sky is blue I am happy. Does it make you happy? How much am I supposed to write anyway? My train of thought never ends so when is this going to end? Do I haver to hit nirvana? hmmm… I don’t think ive hit nirvana in a while. You know there is a song called blue skies… I don’t remember who it is by but it’s a pretty cheerful songs. I am not that into cheerful songs but this one is ok. It reminds me of birds chirping and happy days with smiles on everyone’s faces. I am running out

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