Brainstorm to Starboard

“I don’t like how close they’re getting,” LW called warily from the stern.
Captain Jason only gritted his teeth, “No worries, crew. We’re picking up speed!”
“When do ya suppose they’ll be in range to start launching free disks at us?” Elsha asked nervously.
Face to the wind, Captain Jason cried out, “Never!

Up on the starboard bow, THX took Kevin aside, “Enthusiasm or no, the SS AOL is nothing to scoff at. You know their methods better than anyone, so how can we slow them down?”
“I’ve tried so hard…so hard to forget those days.” Kevin looked grim.
A tiny hand flung itself over the rail, followed by a small but valiant voice, “I have an idea.” With surprised looks, THX and Kevin hoisted the stowaway on board, a sturdy young lad, to be sure.
Feeling piratical, probably on account of his belt buckle, THX challenged, “Who be ye?”
“I’m The Note Writer,” he squeaked.
“So what’s this plan?” Kevin asked eagerly, though not piratically.
“We use the one thing big corporations can’t stomach: bad press!”

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