Bishop Takes Pawn

Excerpt, Bishop Young’s prayer diary:

O Lord, I am most curious as to Your greater plans. Sometimes I cannot figure out which end is up. But perhaps such is the point; after all, we, only transient mists in a meadow of continuity, do not and cannot know or understand even the smallest iota of Your majesty. Perhaps you are merely trying to show us our place in Creation. My finite mind fails to fathom You.

I am concerned. I do wish that Your calming love would rain down upon us. Pastor Norton has been most distressed lately. When I inquired of his plight, he told me it was not for me to know. Pastor Norton keeps no secrets from me; he is closer than a brother. I know that whatever rends his heart must be most severe. I know You know what clouds his mind; if it is for only You to know, I am more than happy to accept this. Also remember my other sons, the two other Pastors of whom I’ve shown concern; they maintain silence as well.

Please, descend unto us in Your supreme grace.

Please, ease our wearied hearts.

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