Costumes Don't Work, pt. 2

The music is loud, and so are the people. We sit around a coffee table, talking, drinking, smoking, what have you. In the other room, the lights are a bit brighter. People are standing instead of sitting, some playing ruit. At a glance through the maze of disguised people, I see Matt sitting on the porch lighting a cigarette and talking to some girl. He sees me and smiles, throwing me a head-nod.
Amy and the clown came together. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her motioning to Courtney Love, who is speaking sign language back to her while sucking on a hookah. The clown, oblivious to this brief exchange, is hooked in conversation with the US hockey team. Amy takes the opportunity to motion me into the other room. This was supposed to be a good night, a fun night, a night where my costume hides my persona from myself and everyone I don’t want to talk to for a variety of different reasons. Obviously, she’s here to crash my party.

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