The Nose Devil, pt. 2

That summer was hard. The Watkins’ other daughter, Ashley, Lucy’s older sister, died in a tragic car accident on Charles Street. Some drunk ran the median and rammed head on into Ashley’s Toyota. It killed her instantly. The ambulances got there and she had no pulse; there was nothing they could do. Lucy and her two friends Cindy and Jen went to Prague for a little retreat from reality about a week after the funeral. Jen’s dad travels a lot in Europe for business, and has an apartment in downtown Prague, so it was the least he could do to offer the trip. When they arrived, it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, July 7th. They woke up a couple hours later from their jet-lag snooze and checked the clock: 8:32. Go out or stay in and order food?was the question. They decided the former, so they all quickly prettied themselves up, and hit the bars. They met a few guys, had a lot of drinks, and winded up going back to an apartment. While they were there, one of the guys offered Lucy some cocaine.

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